Mother Mary Queen of Heaven

  When Yeshua and Mother Mary walked this Earth over 2000 years ago they started a process through which humanity now has the opportunity to achieve Ascension. That family has now returned as a multitude which encompasses the Earth. What started as one cell of The family of the Christ is now a honeycomb which covers the globe. Each one of the great souls who walked together with Yeshua has returned in multiple bodies so there is not just one person who has the memories of Mary Magdalen  for example but many. Now the light codes which they brought to Earth and seeded into the human gene pool have multiplied and are giving us the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of The Master into Resurrection. In this book many each person shares their memory of being in the presence of Mother Mary and Yeshua and the profound effect it had on their lives. The importance of the journey which Yeshua took was not the crucifixion but the Resurrection. He came to demonstrate that death is the beginning not the end, it is simply the doorway into eternal life. So we offer you our stories and invite you to share in the profound love which we all received from our Beloved Mother Mary and Master Yeshua.